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Hugo Johnson - Rhys Muldoon - Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good

   29.02.2020  6 Comments

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6 thoughts on “ Hugo Johnson - Rhys Muldoon - Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good

  1. Jun 26,  · Why Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good Why obsession with perfection can paralyze. Posted Jun 26,
  2. Perfect is the enemy of good, or more literally the best is the enemy of the good, is an aphorism which is commonly attributed to Voltaire, who quoted an Italian proverb in his Dictionnaire philosophique in "Il meglio è l'inimico del bene".
  3. May 07,  · That aphorism warns against extremism in general, and here the angle is that perfection is an extremism. The Pareto Principle (the "80/20 rule") is the numerical version. In other words, achieving absolute perfection is impossible, and increasing.
  4. Mar 10,  · When I worked as an anesthesiologist, I noted that the more experienced surgeons worked by the principle that “better is the enemy of good.” This principle became important during surgical.
  5. Perfect is the Enemy of Good is the new album from Rhys Muldoon, co-written by Rhys and Kram (Spiderbait). An eclectic mix of styles and themes, this album is designed to make parents and children giggle and sing Brand: Imports.

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